lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

Coming home...

So I haven't written a blog in a long time, namely because I know that everyone will see all the grammatical errors that I clearly am great at. But I figured since everyone I know is doing this blog thingy I could give it another try, hoping that I will improve in the information and fun things that I share etc...
I have had an interesting transition to coming home because it hasn't been nearly as hard as a year ago but defiantly hasn't been easy. I guess that the only thing that I can say is that it get easier with each adventure, or at least I kind of know what to expect of myself and what I can never expect from others. Reflecting on all that has happened I have these thoughts, and I think that I can apply them to all life really...
I should have taken more pictures
I should have worried less and traveled more
I should have spent less time studying and more time exploring
I probably should have just enjoyed every moment and let them take their course.
I think that the most important thing that I have learned is that I am just at the beginning and that I can really open myself up to more adventures. I need to not be afraid.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

Elder Bednard

So Friday Elder Bednard will be in Puebla and will be talking to all the young adults, I am so... excited and can't wait. I am so lucky that I am here and to have this opertunitity. I remember when Elder Scott came to Las Vegas it felt so personal and it was like you could see him in a different light, like he is a real person.
I think that one of the greatest blessings for me has been that whenever I have felt homesick it hasn't lasted for very long. For example, I have been DIEING to talk to people back home. But there has been a few problems with making phone calls and everytime that I have tried to make phone calls it went wrong. I forgot the numbers or... I don't know it's really frustrating to tell you the truth because to make a phone call to anyone it costs the person that is making the call. So recieving is free but to call cost, even at a local level and phone calls are expensive. So that is why I havn´t called anyone, and for those that have my phone number I hope that you would call me :D
Any ways, my point is that each time that I do feel lonely or sad, there has always been ways for me to be cheered up. For example, last Saturday I went to President Hinckley's funeral, and then went home, I was feeling mighty homesick I think more then any other reason because I wanted to have someone around me that would understand how I felt. Well, I went home and didn´t want my host mom to know that I was sad, but instead of having to explain myself her son came over with their two children of 5 and 6 years old. It was so cool, because I was able to distract myself and felt better. It was great, and the five year old boy, who is so funny, Said some really funny things, he was like, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and then later he was sitting on the couch next to me and said, "My heart is like, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM when I sit next to you." In fact Saturday when I was out on a school trip he asked his Grandma where I was and thought that she was joking around with him that I was gone. Ahhh... how cute a little admirer the age of Gavin. Ha, ha, ha, I think it's funny.
So another cool thing is that I am doing better at Spanish then I have ever. It's wierd because I always saw myself as the one that makes all the mistakes and needs the most correcting and to tell you the truth it makes me nervious that I am at a point where a lot of my peers can't help me. Luckly there is always someone smarter and better that shows points us in the right direction so that we don't get prideful. I have this horrible fear that I will think that I am "so... good at Spanish" and be too prideful to be corrected. That is the dumbest thing I could ever do so if I ever get that way, just put me in my place, PLEASE! Pride is a horrible thing, and I think that I just have to be careful because I have always been a smarty pants.
Anyways, the food here is wonderful, and I highly recomend Taco Arabic if you ever can try them, WOW! So yeah... that's it for now.


¡Hola! I am trying out the blog thing for size, in hopes that I can communicate all the wonderful things that are going without the worry of forgetting anyone or sending an e-mail to the wrong person. Of course if you send me an e-mail I will respond that is a promise that I made at the beginning of this trip that I am holding myself to. Anyways, a lot is going on but I'll probably post most of that later.
Love you all,